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MultiplyGTM is a go-to-market planning tool that calculates required activity & investment to hit your revenue goal. 


The Path to Revenue is Complex

There's a reason why GTM planning cannot be adequately done using spreadsheets. There are simply too many interdependent variables to model that can influence your plan. 

In absence of a tool to help structure the plan development process, GTM planning is at best, an ad-hoc exercise with a high degree of uncertainty, and one that rarely results in a successful outcome.


GTM Planning Made Simple

MultiplyGTM takes the complexity out of planning by considering all of the building blocks that influence your path to success, including:

multiplyGTM-Icon-Color Required lead volume
multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorProjected deal count and timing
multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorImpact of recurring revenue 
multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorPerformance of sellers and offerings

The result being an optimized plan that sales and marketing march to in unison.

What is GTM?

We believe go-to-market encompasses everything needed to drive sustainable revenue growth. A GTM plan details how you will generate demand from the right customers, for the right products, retaining those customers for as long you deliver value.

Done right, it defines your path from initial customer acquisition, to retention, & expansion. 

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Reasons Why You Should Build Your Revenue Growth Plans using MultiplyGTM


Determine required marketing activity

Bottom up calculation of required lead volume is not rocket science. What is really hard though, is lead attribution. How leads should attributed to different offerings and deal types. Similarly, knowing where and when to focus lead generation efforts is a complex science. A science that MultiplyGTM is built upon.


Calculate target deal volume and timing

Having a revenue growth goal is one thing but determining what this really means in terms of actual deals and offering mix is not an easy process. Further, understanding the optimal mix of sellers and what they should be selling is another layer of complexity that MultiplyGTM handles with ease.


Understand the impact of recurring revenue

Reverse calculating how much new sales is really needed, in context of recurring sales and customer retention, is an involved calculation. MultiplyGTM surfaces this enabling you to truly determine how much sales and supporting marketing activity is required to support your goal.


Validate robustness of your plan

MultiplyGTM is more than just an analytics or reporting tool. Through it's impact analysis, it enables actionable change and optimization. Quickly determine how sensitive your plan is to both internal and external influences including changes to pricing, sales efficiency, cost of lead generation and more.


Why Teams Love MultiplyGTM

“We needed something that would eliminate complexity & complicated spreadsheets. MultiplyGTM simplified how we translate our revenue goals into a plan our sales & marketing teams could execute against.”

“With so many priorities it can be difficult to keep teams focused on the right goals. MultiplyGTM provides clear visibility into the pipeline targets we need to achieve to be confident in hitting our revenue numbers.”

“Having used GTM planning solutions in the past, there were always gaps. MultiplyGTM is clearly different giving us the ability to easily create revenue models & a plan that provides a much higher degree of confidence in achieving our revenue goal.”


Who Should Use MultiplyGTM?

Early Stage Founders

Actionable change that drives revenue

multiplyGTM-Icon-Color Provide a structured framework for annual planning, quarterly reviews, and monthly status meetings.

multiplyGTM-Icon-Color Unify teams with a plan that sets expectations on goal responsibility and leading indicator performance targets.

multiplyGTM-Icon-Color Adopt a data-driven approach to go-to-market and revenue planning decisions. 

CROs & Sales Leadership

Align revenue plans with execution

multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorBreak down revenue goals across geographies, verticals, customer segments, channels, and selling teams.

multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorEvaluate sales and marketing capacity against target quantities and timing in your revenue plan.

multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorLeverage your MultiplyGTM plan and time-phased targets to define actions, campaigns, and tactics.

CMOs & Marketers

Justify marketing investment & quantify impact

multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorBalance sales demand and marketing supply by optimizing the variables in your buyer journey.

multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorQuantify the impact of marketing investments on lead volume, conversions, churn, sales cycles, market penetration, pricing, and more.

multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorMap every action in your plan to the geography, vertical, offering, and team it supports.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Partners

Unify portfolio planning and re-risk investment

multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorStandardize GTM-driven revenue planning with unified views across your portfolio.

multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorEvaluate potential investments with revenue plans that allow for scenario modeling, due diligence, and confidence testing.

multiplyGTM-Icon-ColorSupport portfolio companies by enabling insights into how GTM decisions impact revenue plans.

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