The MultiplyGTM Index™

Introducing the first ever measure of a GTM plan's growth aspiration.


Measure your revenue growth

Determining how to achieve your revenue plan is difficult to quantify. Achievability is less about the enormity of the goal but instead, the magnitude of the jump from your current performance to your desired outcome. The MultiplyGTM Index™ solves this challenge by scoring your plan's growth trajectory. Use this index to refine and optimize the most achievable GTM plan.

The MultiplyGTM Index™ measures how much growth your goal represents as well as how much acceleration or further investment is required. It measures how big a leap your goals and plans are from your current capabilities and performance. 


Growth Impact Drivers

The MultiplyGTM Index™ is built upon four impact drivers. These drivers are automatically calculated when building a MultiplyGTM plan. These are then combined into an overarching index score.

Get these impact drivers wrong or fall short in their execution and your goal will likely not be achieved.

Use your score to help optimize your GTM plan ensuring the highest chance of execution success.

Read the MultiplyGTM Index™ white paper

Learn more about how your revenue growth path can actually be measured and scored.