Revenue Architecture Framework

Winning by Design

Experience building revenue plans using Winning by Design’s Architecture Framework directly within the MultiplyGTM revenue planning software.

 Determine optimal revenue paths from startup to scaleup to grownup

  • Model the impact of retention, new acquisition and expansion sales on your ARR goal
  • Track volume (VM), conversion (CR) and time (∂t) performance using the MultiplyGTM library of Operational Growth Metrics (full range of 1-8 WbD stages)
  • Measure & adjust your daily recurring impact through the Throughput Index™
  • Measure performance using Operational Growth Metrics
  • Pinpoint causation to drive certainty into your revenue outcome

Become a revenue factory today by using MultiplyGTM as your Revenue Guidance system.

bowtie with anotations

Bowtie Analysis

MultiplyGTM automatically overlays the bowtie analysis on top of all models irrespective of how you build and map your pipelines. Pinpoint performance bottlenecks using CR1-9, VM1-9 and ∂t1-9 metrics and benchmarks.

wbd in product

The 6 Models 


Revenue Model

Establish optimal mix of ownership vs. subscription vs. consumption pricing & offerings.


Data Model

Maximize volume, conversion rates & time performance across the entire bowtie lifecycle.


Math Model

Calculate required new acquisition, retention & expansion sales to hit an ARR number.


Operating Model

Align your marketing and sales pipelines resulting in a closed-loop GTM plan.


Growth Model

Track revenue breakpoints driving you from startup to scaleup to grownup.


GTM Model

Plan GTM Motions to support territories, product offerings, vertical markets etc.

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