The MultiplyGTM Platform

MultiplyGTM is a software platform for building GTM plans that drive revenue growth. Plans can be short-term, like your 2024 annual plan, or long-term multi-year plans that identify the optimal path to a revenue goal by a given year. In any scenario, you can track performance against the targets in your plan. 

Models built in MultiplyGTM are more sustainable and refined than anything developed manually in a spreadsheet. 


By understanding your goal, what you sell, how you segment your business and how you generate your leads, MultiplyGTM calculates a time-based path to achieving that goal. That path includes target deal counts, required lead volumes, ideal product focus, all of which is uniquely time-phased to optimize your path to hitting your goal.

MultiplyGTM uses a Maturity Framework to guide teams through the plan-creation process along with an index for measuring the achievability of your plan, specifically as it pertains to growth. The emphasis towards growth is a critical insight gained from building MultiplyGTM models. 


Designed for sales, marketing, and RevOps teams to rapidly develop GTM plans 

MultiplyGTM has been built with a focused set of features designed to optimize both plan development and model analysis.  


MultiplyGTM Metric Library

A rich library of metrics to help you track plan quality, performance execution, and cost efficiency.


Goal Hierarchy

Slice and dice your GTM plan by geography, industry vertical, product offering, and more.


MultiplyGTM Index™

Measure aggressiveness of growth targets and how much effort will be required to achieve them.


Customizable Dashboards

Build your own insights and share amongst your playbook contributors.


Growth Impact Analysis

Determine how robust your plan is and how sensitive it is to changes.


Timeline Playback

Simulate executing your plan and see how revenue and lead generation ebbs and flows.


CRM Integration

Integrate funnel definition, pipeline performance, deal performance and more.


Self Learning Engine

Models automatically account for in-progress revenue performance. Your plans adjust with your performance.

“How would a 10% change in price impact required outbound lead volume?”

“How do we become the market leader & a $20MM ARR organization in 3 years from now?”

“What will be the revenue impact if we accelerate our new product launch by 6 months?”

“How do we get our lead-generatrion back on track before the end of this year?”

Performance Measured Right

The MultiplyGTM metric library is an ever-evolving set of performance-based metrics. Use these to evaluate your plan and your ongoing execution. Metrics can be embedded into insights and scorecards.

The MultiplyGTM Index™ sits alongside the metric library. The index is used to score the amount of growth your GTM plan represents. Use this to gauge how achievable your plan is, in context of your current capability.


MultiplyGTM Engines


Goal Seek

Goal-seek is the science of calculating required input values and paths to support a known goal. With MultiplyGTM, your desired revenue target is that goal. Knowing this goal, the platform reverse-calculates required lead-generation activity to support the achievement of that goal.

A scheduling algorithm based on the Critical Path Method calculates the timing and sequence of this required lead generation activity. 

One of the challenges with planning is that there can be multiple solutions to any given problem. There is no concept of a single solution for a GTM planning problem. Such a dilemma is commonly described as a “wicked problem”. MultiplyGTM helps determine which outcomes are most suitable and at what cost to your organization.


Causal Forecasting

Causal forecasts measure the relationships between dependent and independent variables. In other words, they help determine what is driving the characteristics and behavior of a model.  

For example, a MultiplyGTM model can determine what is most driving your revenue goal outcome. The model considers every input such as lead volume over time, goal responsibility, existing pipelines, lead conversion rates, stage conversion times, the cost efficiency of lead generation, and more, to determine where the key sensitivities and drivers of success lie.


Slice & Dice

MultiplyGTM makes it very easy to slice and dice your model viewing your go to market plan through multiple lenses and filters. Home in on required activity by location, business unit or even filter down to specific offerings. While MultiplyGTM makes it very easy to slice and dice, the complexity of the calculations behind the scenes to support this capability is huge. This is why robust modeling cannot be achieved in spreadsheets – there are simply too many interdependencies.  

Sitting on top of MultiplyGTM's slice and dice engine, is a library of analytics and insights that surface what you need to know to build your optimal plan. These insights have been designed and built from scratch within the platform itself to deliver an analysis rich experience. Simply unachievable with any spreadsheet. 

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