Planning & Performance Tracking

MultipyGTM is used for both GTM planning as well as sales and marketing performance tracking.

Some of the most common use cases are described below. Whether you are needing a simple one-year plan or are looking to develop a multi-year ongoing model that accounts for in-play activity across multiple business units, MultiplyGTM plans are designed to suit your needs.


It's All In The Timing

The power of recurring revenue growth is well known. If your current year customers renew, then next year's revenue exponentially grows even if your new customer acquisition numbers remain steady. 

What is less understood is the incredible influence of timing rather than volume of deals. The faster you build up a head of steam in terms of customers, the more steep your growth curve becomes. 

MultiplyGTM reverse calculates how much new sales (new customer acquisition) you will need in context of your ongoing recurring revenue. From this, you can truly understand how much new growth focus versus customer retention focus you should be applying to your business.


Manage your Annual Planning Process

Use MultiplyGTM to quickly build your annual plan. Start with a blank sheet of paper and build from scratch or leverage MultiplyGTM's ability to extract current GTM performance from your CRM to automatically seed your model with values such as current pipeline and deal flow velocity.

Your GTM model will reveal:

  • Required deal volume and timing.
  • Required marketing lead-generation activity.
  • Required investment needed to achieve forecasted growth.

As part of your annual planning process, you can quickly create what-if scenarios to help with decision-support. 

Annual Plan Create

Develop Long-Term Plans

Looking beyond annual planning, MultiplyGTM can also be used for longer-term planning. Develop models that show you an optimal path to your desired outcome. "What would it take for us to be a $20MM ARR company in 3 years?"

MultiplyGTM long-term plans take into account:

  • The compounding effect of recurring revenue.
  • The long-term benefit of customer retention.
  • Macro YoY growth accounting for quarterly seasonality.

Long-term GTM plans using MultiplyGTM are also invaluable for modeling planned expansion into new territories and the potential introduction of new product offerings. 

Screenshot 2023-10-29 at 1.58.11 PM

Test Revenue Growth Robustness

Developing a GTM plan is one thing, but understanding how robust and resilient to change your plan is, takes GTM planning to the next level. MultiplyGTM does this through it's impact analyzer. 

GTM plans can be tested by simulating changes to the many driving factors that influence the plan including but not limited to:

  • Improvement in lead conversion rates and timing.
  • Customer sensitivity to price changes.
  • Varying degrees of marketing investment to support lead gen.

The MultiplyGTM Index™ determines how robust your plan is and how big of a jump, in terms of acceleration is required in order to achieve your goal.

Screenshot 2023-10-29 at 2.34.06 PM

Pursue Stretch-Goals

Often, just knowing your plan is not enough. Having knowledge of alternate scenarios is helpful when making decisions and pivoting during execution.

Scenario modeling in MultiplyGTM is incredibly powerful for:

  • Comparing actual performance to plan.
  • Testing stretch revenue goals.
  • Building 'get back on track' scenarios for remediation.
  • Scenarios have also been designed for tracking change over time. Snapshot your performance over time and get insight into how your growth is actually tracking relative to your original plan. 

Any scenario built in MultiplyGTM can be instantly turned into your "march-forward" GTM plan. 



Most startups lack a sufficient historical track record to help establish a realistic plan. 


MultiplyGTM guides early stage organizations through the delicate balance of rapid growth vs. required investment. 

GTM Leadership


Knowing when to scale and how much to invest to support mid-stage acceleration is hard to determine. 


MultiplyGTM provides powerful impact analysis to help determine the optimal path to the next stage of your company's evolution.


Revenue & Operations Teams


Large enterprises carry the complexity of large numbers of offerings, complex sales channels and multiple systems. Knowing what data to draw from and even where to find it is complex. 


MultiplyGTM supports extremely complex models including hierarchical selling structures, existing pipelines and multiple CRM sources.