MultiplyGTM Showcase at GTM Partners Event

Video recording of MultiplyGTM Showcase at GTM Partners Event

GTM Partners, a data-driven Go-to-Market analyst firm, reviewed more than 100 companies and chose MultiplyGTM as one of 15 spotlight vendors who are transforming the effectiveness and efficiency of companies’ GTM efforts. This video includes commentary from GTM Partners and their Ambassadors, as well as direct feedback from Mobly, a MultiplyGTM customer. Our favorite quotes from the session:

  • “One of the things we fell in love with was the ability to rapidly create so many different models and views [for your GTM plan].” – Lindsay Cordell, GTM Partners
  • “Every conversation we were having with investors required us to change the assumptions in our model. We couldn’t do that in a spreadsheet.” – Kris Jenkins, Co-founder, Mobly
  • “You can’t get this stuff out of a CRM, we have all tried.” – Bryan Brown, GTM Partners
  • “First of all, it was gorgeous to look at and easy to breakdown and understand your GTM plan.” – David Libby, GTM Partners Ambassador


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