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MultiplyGTM Recognized as Emerging Technology Solution for Sales & Marketing

MultiplyGTM Recognized by Analyst Firm GTM Partners as Emerging GTM Tech Vendor

HOUSTON, TX (August 15, 2023) — Xply, a revenue planning platform for sales and marketing, today announced it has been named a spotlight vendor in a report from analyst firm GTM Partners.


GTM Partners, a data-driven Go-to-Market analyst firm, reviewed more than 100 companies and chose Xply as one of 15 spotlight vendors who are transforming the effectiveness and efficiency of companies’ GTM efforts. 


In today’s environment there is no denying it, Go-to-Market is too complicated to be managed in a spreadsheet. GTM plans are time-bound and must consider an organization's resource limitations and reflect the reality of how you acquire customers. Xply gives your sales, marketing, and RevOps teams the insight needed to drive certainty in achieving your revenue goals.


“Building a revenue plan that reflects how organizations acquire customers is complex, and we want to simplify that historically complicated process,” said Paul Self, Xply Co-founder and CEO. “Our mission is to help Sales, Marketing, and RevOps teams drive certainty in achieving revenue goals. That’s why we’re excited to be recognized by the analysts at GTM Partners, because their whole mission is making Go-to-Market simple.


“Top-down plans overlook the complexity of customer acquisition, while bottom-up plans can become siloed and biased toward individual GTM functions,” according to Lindsay Cordell, senior GTM analyst at GTM Partners and author of the report. “Xply combines these approaches using a goal-seek approach to achieving revenue by considering the velocity at which you acquire customers, the volume of leads required, and the value of every offering, lead, opportunity, and win.”


The report highlights three ways that Xply is transforming GTM, including: 

  1. Drive Confidence in Revenue Goals: By considering your GTM fundamentals like velocity, volume, and value, you can generate a required lead and closing rate volume that is accurate allowing teams to execute against a unified goal and common targets.
  2. Performance Targets & Metrics: GTM performance targets become leading indicators directly tied to achieving revenue goals. This will allow you to quickly identify risks and understand what must change in your plan.
  3. Real-Time Modeling = Faster Decisions: Accelerate your decision-making. Using guided development, alternate scenarios, and predictive insights, you can see how changes to your plan will impact recurring revenue and your bottom line.

The report also identifies three key Xply features, including: 

  1. Model: With dynamic models, you’re free from the limitations of spreadsheets. Define your goal, capture marketing and sales stages, and identify your offerings. Xply does the rest.
  2. Optimize: Refine your model by leveraging insights that reveal opportunities for optimization and bottlenecks that could effect execution. Xply allows you to adjust every variable in a single click and visualize the impact. Incredibly fast, but with complete control.
  3. Plan: Eliminate guesswork with planning guided by the time-phased target quantities, conversions, and metrics in your optimized model. Identify every strategy, GTM motion, and campaign. Planning that accelerates action.

Download the full report to read about Xply’s contribution to GTM here:


About Xply

Xply is the creator of the first revenue planning solution designed for Sales, Marketing, and RevOps teams. Go-to-market teams are faced with the challenge of delivering revenue in a limited timeframe with limited resources. B2B SaaS and professional services companies rely on Xply to connect how they acquire customers to revenue goals and performance targets. Providing the insights and analytics necessary to make better decisions, execute with confidence, and drive revenue. Learn more at

About GTM Partners

GTM Partners, a data-driven Go-to-Market Analyst firm, helps organizations and GTM vendors to achieve efficient growth by transforming their GTM strategy. The firm works with high-growth, B2B companies to help unify their GTM teams and to provide them with lasting strategies and frameworks. GTM Partners has a mission to make Go-To-Market simple and aims to be the voice of the industry for all things GTM. Find us online at

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